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“Unfortunately I don’t have the VE6 here as Nathan was the lucky one who did that review, but I do have the award winning VE8. Compared to the VE8, the EVE20 has a less emphasized lower range section and bass and mids in the VE8 have a fuller presence with a higher level of warmth. Where the VE8’s bass and treble have a bigger contrast, this in the EVE20 is more linear. EVE20 does sound more clear as well as more spacious/airy. The VE8 is all about body and impact where the EVE20 is more refined in technicalities. The VE8’s low have a good sub rumble but while the EVE20 reaches down low as well, the rumble can’t be found there. The treble section of the EVE20 sounds more energetic to my ears, or at least it comes out more because of the mids and bass being lighter in weight. So personally I wouldn’t say both of these monitors are close to each other, but they are family for sure.”

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