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“The correct position of the Crossover Mode switch will depend on where you are sourcing the audio signal you’re using to drive the KF92. If it’s from a component that is supplying an audio signal that has already been through a low-pass filter (such as the LFE output of an AV receiver, for example) you’d set this control to ‘External’. If you’re sourcing from an ordinary line-level or speaker-level output, you’d set it to ‘Internal’, and then set the low-pass (crossover) rotary control to the appropriate frequency.

KEF’s equalisation mode control is fascinating. I don’t think I’ve seen its like before. Yes, I’ve seen EQ mode controls that offer two or three modes, (usually ‘Off’, ‘Wall’ and ‘Corner’) but I have never seen one that offers five modes… and I had absolutely no idea what the ‘Apartment’ mode might be used for – indeed I had to consult KEF’s Owners’ Manual to find out.”

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