Ayre Acoustics K-3 preamplifier $3250 Review

September 14, 2020 § Leave a comment

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“The low-noise phono section uses essentially the same topology as the line stage. It has enough gain for any cartridge currently available, and includes a totally passive, zero-feedback RIAA circuit, which allows the high and low parts of the equalizer to be split into two independent sections instead of being tied together in the usual feedback loop. There are two gain blocks: high-frequency EQ is accomplished in one, low-frequency EQ in the other. The result is, according to Hansen, “ruler-flat, dead flat response from 100Hz to 20k.” We’ll see what Technical J. Norton’s measurements show. The remote control circuit does not use a microprocessor, so there’s no high-frequency garbage bouncing around inside the chassis. This innovation clearly required lots of work by Hansen, but since he’d already done it for the K-1, passing it on to the K-3 was no sweat—unless you ask his accountant.”

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