Technics SL-1500C Turntable $1199 Review

October 4, 2020 § Leave a comment

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“That’s the real strength of the SL-1500C: precise timing and dynamics. Throughout my listening, those were the things I kept coming back to. It’s a feature of direct drives in general, but the 1500C in particular just felt alive and expressive. Everything was sharp, in focus, tight, energetic. The soundstage was wide and impressive, but the dynamics really won the day. Everything was lively, fleshed out, and vigorous. I felt myself wanting to put on up-tempo music with lots of physical drumming and bass playing.

At the end of my listening session, one thing became clear: This is an awesome turntable. If I were looking for something in this price range, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the SL-1500C. The only downsides are the odd built-in phonostage, which can be bypassed, and the tonearm lifting/lowering mechanism, which could be sturdier. However, the tonearm itself is very solid and can accommodate a wide variety of cartridges and headshells. Pacing and dynamics are spot on, tight, focused, laser-sharp, and just overall in that sweet spot. The SL-1500C is no fuss, no hassle, easy to use, easy to set up—a no-brainer recommendation.”

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