Focal Diablo Utopia Colour Evo Loudspeakers $16,990 Review

October 12, 2020 § Leave a comment

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“Sonus Faber’s Electa Amator III ($10,000/pair) is different. In many ways, lining up this two-way minimonitor next to Focal’s flagship stand-mount is a study in contrasts. From its solid-walnut (not MDF!) cabinet to its use of marble and brass, it looks far more artisanal than the average bookshelf model, and its price includes matching stands of very high quality. The EAIII has the same 1.1” fabric-dome tweeter used in Sonus Faber’s flagship model, the Aida ($130,000/pair), and a 7.1” paper-coned midrange-woofer based on drivers higher in the Italian brand’s line. The EAIII is voiced differently from most of today’s speakers, with a “smiling” frequency response: that is, it slightly boosts the bass and treble. I adored it when I reviewed it in 2019, having greatly admired its build quality and visual charm. It also sounded very good, with punchy output in the all-important midbass. This, allied to its detailed yet rich, almost golden midrange, made listening through the EAIIIs great fun with every type of music I played.”

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