TLP Audio TF130 Power Conditioner Review

October 13, 2020 § Leave a comment

Causing no harm to the music is all fine and good, however if you are going to spend money on a component a person is going to want to experience an improvement in sound quality. Electrical noise on the AC line is an insidious gremlin, and rarely does a hobbyist listen and immediately identify it. When an effective power conditioner is introduced to a system a person will notice the improvements since instruments and performers have increased focus, along with a higher degree of resolution due to a lowered noise floor. Instruments will have a natural tone because an artificial high frequency sheen is stripped from the music. “This Train Revised” by the Indigo Girls [Swamp Ophelia, Epic ET5721] will sound bright, etched, and compressed when played on an audio system that is tethered to compromised AC power. My home is in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and most of our power is provided by the large dams on the Columbia river, and honestly its quite good straight from the wall socket. Even so, the TLP Audio conditioner can remove layers of noise from the AC, and on this song the absence of electrical artifacts peels away any etching and accompanying glare. Having purified AC current results in instruments that are tonally bold and vibrant. This track employs a large band, and each instrument is distinct in its location within the soundstage, with the two vocalists located precisely in front of the backdrop of instruments. The result is a greater degree of focus and clarity to all the music I have listened to with the TF130 installed in my system

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