Allnic Audio L-8000 DHT Preamplifier $22,900 Reviews

November 5, 2020 § Leave a comment

So, what was different than the already expensive and wonderful L-7000? Can you imagine living with repertoire for fifty plus years, playing it, conducting it, studying it, eating and sleeping the damn stuff, and still managing to be so moved by something new, something magical? The audio cynic in me was asking a lot of questions. As I choked up.

But there it was, the slow movement of the Jupiter Symphony, with Mozart weaving magical spells in the violin opening melody and daring us not to cry at the utter genius of it. The L-8000 allows more magic in. Simple. You’ll get more sweetness, more event space, better imaging and the aforementioned timbral accuracy, which to my old musician ears is super accurate. 

This went on all morning.

Later in the month and after many hours of listening, the magic spark was still there, poking at me this way, tugging another. Yet, the auditory system is a cruel mistress, at least in audiophile terms. In fact, most neurological systems are too soon to forget. I had a cataract done a year ago after the blur was getting too much. As soon as the bandage came off, it was if I had X-ray vision. 8K clarity. It was amazing. A day or two later, meh. Back to the standard here and now. If only we could maintain that new car smell.

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