Empire Ears Odin Review $3399 Review

November 10, 2020 § Leave a comment


“The low-end shaping contributes much to the slightly cooler nature of the Odin lower-range instrumental and male vocal timbre. That sub-bass tuning is incredibly potent but importantly, very controlled in terms of dynamic range. That means it hits hard when loud and stays quiet and nuanced when not required.

This is not a bloomy, dense, and omnipotent bass presence primarily due to the drop around 100Hz and dipped lower-mids right up to 1k. This keeps the warmth in check but also means instruments in this range lack a little girth, richness, or liquidity. That is a preference call because on the flipside the separation, clarity, and articulation from the lower-mids are outstanding.

And the power, oh my. The lowest fundamental on the Odin’s instrumental timbre is just fantastic. Combine that with the aforementioned dynamic range and control and it is a tailor-made tuning for that sparse but weighty modern R’n’B sound but at the same time really add some critical authority to double kick drums so critical to metal standards.”

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