November 16, 2020 § Leave a comment

The Kronos Quartet’s “Aaj Ki Raat—Tonight is the Night” (Kronos Caravan, Nonsuch) begins, and at play across this track in addition to the violin, viola, and cello are a mix of exotic instruments from the Hindustani tabla to the Lebanese nay to the Iranian kemancheh, tar, and tombak. The EVE renders this mix of instruments with aplomb and nary a trace of shrillness or harshness or glassiness. Its highs are clear, fast, well extended, sweet, with a transparency that digs down to fingers across strings, drum skins, and cello bows.

Just one more, please. Vilda Frang’s “Allegro Molto II” (Veress String Trio/Bartók Piano Quintet, Alpha) plays, and there is quiet and air and raps, plucks, bows, and even the knuckling of a violin. The EVE’s transparency again renders crystal clarity, timbral / tonal distinction, weight, space, and positioning, sublimely. And as the trio of violin, viola, cello reach sweetly for the limits of treble extension, again, shrillness or harshness or brightness or glare are vanished, entirely.

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