Kharma Exquisite-Midi Loudspeaker $85,000 Review

November 21, 2020 § Leave a comment

The Exquisite-Midi is staggeringly compact for its level of performance. At 40″ tall, 12″ wide, and 20″ deep (not including stands), its 180-pound weight hints at the quality, density of materials, and complexity of its construction. The combination of high-gloss black and high-gloss wood finishes with gentle curves screams fine craftsmanship and luxury. As with a Ferrari or McLaren, every line is purposeful and graceful. Every curve and seam is masterfully executed and finished. Tap on the top and all you get are sore knuckles and all you hear is a dull thud. The cabinet is designed, inside and out, to get out of the way of the music and to optimize phase behavior and minimize time delay. I will stay away from the great debate over which speakers are truly time and phase coherent, and which say they are and aren’t. Nor will I address whether time or phase coherence is more important. What I can say is that this speaker is among the most phase and time coherent transducers I have ever heard—at least to the extent I credit myself for being sensitive to such things. Speaking of coherence, the proximity of the four drivers lends itself to amazing driver integration, which is easily affirmed by listening. The crisscrossing support structure on the speaker’s base employs 1″ threaded spikes and 3″ floor plates. The 1″ threads allow for easy adjustment of the Exquisite-Midis’ 180-pound mass, and the 3″ floor plates permit relatively easy movement for setup. Around back are two pair of Cardas clamp-style speaker posts. Banana-terminated cables need not apply—they won’t work, period. Embrace the spade.

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