Yamaha GT-5000 Turntable $1,399 Review

November 21, 2020 § 1 Comment


Better still, the feelgood factor begins when you unpack the GT-5000, as there’s the sense that much thought has gone into how a top-flight turntable should be presented. Both rubber and felt platter mats are provided, plus two counterweights for a range of cartridge weights. There’s also a pair of handles that screw into the platter, enabling it to be lifted onto the sub-platter without risk of marking the plinth’s finish.

Best of all is a stroboscopic disc, plus a dedicated strobe lamp that plugs into a socket on the rear of the plinth to provide accurate speed setting – the deck offers both 33.33rpm and 45rpm speeds – independent of mains frequency variations. Finally, the rear of the plinth has pre-drilled mounting holes (blanked off with glorious knurled screws) to take the hinges of the optional DCV-5000 lid, though this will set you back a rather eye-watering £849.

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