Sound Lab Majestic 645 electrostatic panel $24,660 Review

November 22, 2020 § Leave a comment

Sound Lab Majestic 645 electrostatic panel loudspeakers Review

“But the electrostatic panels are also bass monsters. In the Sound Lab, I’m hearing the least compressed, swiftest in takeoff, and most natural bottom end of any loudspeakers. Apogee diehards prefer the fast, mass-less, potent bottom ends of ribbon panels like no other speaker users’ business.  Being an owner of a pair of Apogee Duetta Signatures, I found the externally charged panels of the Majestic 645 produced a bottom end at the “0” setting that was not merely mindboggling but mind-bending. At this setting, the bottom-end reproduction of the Sound Lab attained such speed and force that it created a pseudo vacuum effect on my ear drum the moment the bass was cut during a scene in a movie. Panels microns thick that are the Majestic 645 excited the air with tidal waves of bottom-end densely woven in resolutions like I’ve never experienced before. The “+3” setting was too powerful for my taste, while the “-3” and “-6” settings accorded readers with smaller listening room a high degree of control for the best sound.”

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