Dynaudio Contour 20i Loudspeakers $5250 Review

November 24, 2020 § Leave a comment


I really like what Dynaudio has done with the new Contour 20i. Your $5250 earns you the privilege of owning a mature, no-compromise, two-way minimonitor that does everything well. Built and finished to a high standard, it can play loudly and cleanly without the assistance of a high-powered, high-current amplifier. Its supremely balanced sound has been only slightly [ahem] contoured to have a subtly polite top end and a touch of midrange emphasis. Its bass performance is flat-out excellent, with healthy extension and outstanding control. It likely won’t thrill you in the ways some of its more effervescent competitors might, but I believe that the Contour 20i will prove to be a loudspeaker that the great majority of audiophiles could happily live with in the long run. It makes everything played through it sound good, whether it be after ten minutes of listening or ten hours.”

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