Rosson Audio RAD-0 Headphones Review

November 26, 2020 § Leave a comment

Rosson Audio RAD-0 Headphones – A Breathtakingly Musical, Aesthetically Customizable Headphone!

Despite the world that is swirling madly around, there is a wealth of riches about us in the form of millions of songs, available to all manner of electronic device, at home or on the go. And coupled with the growing array of playback devices and their next generation capabilities, there is a lot for us music lovers to be grateful for. That is, if we like the monk, who is chased by the tiger, brings awareness to the moment in order to stop and happily consume the strawberry before him.

The Rosson Audio RAD-0 is, without doubt, one of the most brilliantly engineered, astonishingly musical, incredibly transparent, and extended planar magnetic headphones that we have had the opportunity to review. And, of course, we are pleased to both very highly recommend it and to award to the The Rosson Audio RAD-0 our “GOLD KEYNOTE” AWARD. Kudos to Alex Rosson and the design team!”

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