Ayre AX-5 Twenty Integrated Amplifier £14,750 Review

December 13, 2020 § Leave a comment


The last aspect of the AX-5 Twenty’s performance that caught my ear is its soundstaging. This is highly impressive, and goes back to the amplifier’s overall sense of grip and effortless power. It drove my big NS-1000Ms like they were tiny little Wharfedale Diamonds, absolutely commanding them. This in turn made for a superb rendition of the recorded acoustic of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s ‘Country Girl’ [Deja Vu; Atlantic 7567-82649-2].

By no means would you call this an audiophile recording, yet the AX-5 Twenty picked through the murky soundscape to give a really clean, architectural sound with everything neatly in its place. There was no sense of instruments being placed in the mix incorrectly, or indeed vaguely. Instead, everything was practically nailed down to the floor. Depth perspective was impressively good too, giving a really immersive feel to this classic track.”

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