December 14, 2020 § Leave a comment

In my conclusions, especially as I get older, I try to avoid heaping superlatives when I review a product that I genuinely like because I never know when that next better product will come along and take me by surprise. However, I’m finding it really hard not to just openly gush about the STAX SR-007A and both of the SRM-700 series headphone amps. Yes, it is a roughly $5000 dollar personal listening set and you may be saying, A- That’s crazy! Or, B- Well it’s $5000 dollars and who wouldn’t rave about a personal toy that cost that much? Both would be missing the point. Electrostatic headphones sound like nothing else out there and anyone who is serious about their headphone listening should experience a pair for themselves to understand what I mean. The STAX SR-007A themselves hit that sweet spot for me in terms of comfort and performance unlike anything else, from a headphone standpoint, that I have experienced thus far. They produce pure, weightless musical energy seemingly devoid of distortion and effort and at a volume that can well surpass reasonable need. And they produce all the bass I could want in the bargain. Combined with either one of the STAX SRM-700 amplifiers, one is presented with a reference level home listening setup that could ruin a person to accept anything less. Is there something better out there? Perhaps, but I’d wager not without a significant increase in cost and for an incremental gain at that. If budget were not an issue I would purchase these outright and use them as a reference. I find them to be outstanding in every regard and that I had every right to be in awe of their ancestors in my youth.

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