Kimber Kable Naked Interconnects $12,700 Review

December 22, 2020 § Leave a comment

“Another thing you experience while you’re dog-paddling au naturale is a sense of vulnerability. You are exposed to any of the creatures lurking in the depths of the water or to any unwelcome advances by your fellow swimmers. In this case, you, the listener, are not the vulnerable one, but your system. Some cabling is good at smoothing over the rough edges of sound reproduction, but not the Nakeds. If you want to hear the characteristics of your equipment, these are the ones for you. Luckily, I have been able to choose equipment that lacks any sort of hard edge or sounds too “detailed.” Such equipment might not be a good fit. As a reviewer, I am regularly swapping out components for review. With the Naked interconnects in place, I was able to immediately detect any differences. In one case, a simple swap of two small-signal tubes made a huge difference in the sound of the system. They are that revealing.

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