January 10, 2021 § Leave a comment

Like I mentioned; Pneuma has an excellent technical performance. It’s not the technical master or king, since there are better IEMs out there in that regard (usually with even higher price tags). But it’s up there with the best. Also, not every one of those IEMs has this kind of musicality. I personally prefer having a musical IEM with excellent technical performance, rather than an analytical or reference one with perfect technicalities. This is a matter of choice in the end.

Yet, the Pneuma is still amazing in terms of sound-stage, layering, positioning, and resolution. It has a great background and excellent separation. You can hear certain instruments sound away from you, some sound close, and some sound crosswise. It’s not just left & right or only 2-dimensional. You have a huge 3D-like stage which is very deep and wide. In this case, the Pneuma has to pay homage to its PwAudio No.10 cable as well. Because when I switched to a generic cable just for the sake of the experiment, the staging performance took a hit. In contrast, the No.10 cable opens up the stage with a 3-dimensional perception. What an excellent choice.

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