January 22, 2021 § Leave a comment

Bass extends low and has good sub presence, so if your IEM can render it, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. The bass layering is really nice, and the presentation is clean and natural. In short: you get top quality, natural bass with an engaging and musical character

The mids connect perfectly to the lows and they have the same amount of body. The mid section is spacious, precise and ultra-clean. The mids have an airy and natural presentation, and this  combined with a very rich timbre, excellent decay and perfectly black back ground. Because of their naturalness and analogue character the mids are very easy to listen. The P6’s lower regions are great but the mids are even more spectacular. As said, some find the vocals to be very forward, but I don’t really feel that’s the case. If they are it’s just a tiny bit.

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