Volumio Primo music player/streamer Review

February 2, 2021 § Leave a comment


Volumio seems to rely on the library’s file structure for organization, but it provides no library-management tools, and the documentation says nothing about how it expects a library to be configured. I have set up most of the directories and files in my library by date added and not by artist, work, etc. Other programs, like JRiver and Roon, are okay with this: They use flexible, sophisticated metadata tagging. Volumio’s system, however it works, didn’t play as well with my library. Search often returned incongruous results, and the standard views, such as Albums, Genres, Artists, Playlists, and Favorites, failed to display cover art for a substantial part of my collection. (Why didn’t it discover all the cover art in my library?) Maybe this wouldn’t happen if I were a more scrupulous curator, but it has not been a problem with other servers I’ve used. Also, Volumio seems unable to search by file format, and it cannot tell me a file’s sampling/ bit rate until after I start playing it.

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