Wilson Audio SabrinaX Loudspeaker £22,998 Review

February 4, 2021 § Leave a comment


Surely such less-crowded pieces beg for intimacy? Smallness? Absolutely. And yet there was a feeling of all-embracing atmosphere, of presence, of – yes, air on a colossal scale. It happened again with Nancy Wilson’s Just For Now [Capitol Y1T 272; open-reel tape]. Her breathless, edgy take on ‘That’s Life’ was made all the more real by details which attested to the Wilson (Audio) bloodline. I wish Dave were alive to hear what Daryl’s design did with this 1967 treasure. You could sense the studio’s space.

So far, so subtle. But I really needed something that wouldn’t tax my tear glands, so I turned to the fabulous new release of The Crickets’ 1970s canon, A Long, Long Way From Lubbock [Rollercoaster RCCD3075]. It contains that lost masterpiece, Bubblegum, Bop, Ballads & Boogies, with Glen D Hardin, Elvis’ pianist, delivering the finest-ever cover of Huey ‘Piano’ Smith’s ‘Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie-Woogie Flu’.”

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