Niagara 1200 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation System $999 Review

February 18, 2021 § Leave a comment

I’ve been told recently that my journalistic approach to audio isn’t quite as scientific as it should be. And that few of the benefits I’m hearing—with the AudioQuest conditioning equipment, outlets, and cables in place in my system—could be scientifically proven. With regard to the Niagara range of products enhancing the quality of your system’s AC power, consider that the current power grid in the US is antiquated and totally overtaxed in daily use. And with the relatively low quality of builder grade power outlets (at a cost of about 50 cents each) and common 14 gauge Romex wiring, it’s not too much of a scientific stretch to imagine that audible improvements are easily obtainable with even just higher quality power outlets like the NRG Edisons. I know what my ears are telling me; I can clearly hear a significant lessening—or complete elimination of any associated noise—that I have to believe is due to the less than stellar quality of my AC power. And the Niagara units provide the added benefit of Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection for all connected equipment, and can withstand surges and spikes of up to 6000 volts or 3000 amps without sustaining any damage—while remaining completely transparent and sonically non-invasive. Does $8k worth of AudioQuest AC Power enhancements make an appreciable difference? Absolutely! I can’t recommend the AudioQuest AC conditioners, outlets, and cables highly enough; they’ve elevated my system synergy and overall performance level to a point I’d never have believed possible, and would make an appreciable difference with audio systems at any price point.

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