Technics SL-1200G Direct Drive Turntable Review

February 18, 2021 § Leave a comment

The sonic signature of the 1200 was consistent at various locations, attached to several phono stages, cartridges, etc. Meaning, you’re investing in a specific sound pretty well immune to outside, deleterious influences. The 1200’s personality is such that an addiction to its sound will transcend any financial constraints or worries you have on initial system build. As such, no matter entry level equipment or the finest in high end ancillaries, the Technics will always give of its best, highlighting its own musical personalities. In that way, even at $4000, the SL-1200G is a well nigha perfect turntable for those audiophiles who want legacy, style and convenience (the Coreless Direct Drive Motor, the headshell, plug ‘n play, etc). Hook it up to a basic Rega phono stage with a good solid state amp, and you’ll be in vinyl heaven. Dynamic, stable with an especially glorious treble (more on that later). 

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