Clearaudio Concept Active MM revi

February 22, 2021 § Leave a comment

The turntable itself has some points of interest. At the rear, next to the set of RCA outputs, are flick-switches to adjust gain (low, medium or high), choose between MM and MC cartridge modes, and apply a Subsonic filter that aims to reduce any unwanted low-frequency noise. The final one determines whether your RCA output is passive (for when bypassing the integrated phono stage and connecting to an outboard one), variable (for using the connected integrated or pre-amplifier’s volume control) or active (for adjusting volume via the Concept Active’s on-unit dial).

Thankfully for those keen to listen to their vinyl through headphones, the 6.3mm headphone output doesn’t join the switches at the rear, instead taking up a place on the right-hand side panel. Its location does, however, mean that those who use the smart power supply will have to place it on the left-hand side of the deck, or some centimetres away from it altogether, so as not to physically block the socket.

Those rear-panel discreet switches and the right-edge socket aside, the Concept Active is an advert for modern minimalism, with its business-looking matte black plinth sitting on a choice of silver or black, or the more premium-priced light wood or dark wood chassis, with nicely rounded corners. For the benefit of symmetry, though, we wish the small roller volume wheel on the plinth’s front right-hand side matched the larger rotary speed dial on the opposite side.

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