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Users are given the option to choose between two stock ‘DUMMER’ cables (a derivative of DCA’s humourously named ‘Distinctly Unmagical Cable) at checkout – either a two-metre 4-pin XLR balanced cable or a two-metre 3.5mm single-ended cable with a 6.3mm adapter. A range of other connections, including 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced terminations and shorter cable lengths are available but will add between $200 and $250 USD to the asking price of the Aeon 2 Noire, pushing it over the $1K USD mark. The Aeon 2 Noire uses Dan Clark Audio’s preferred and proprietary locking cable connections at the earcups. It’s an entirely secure option and gives a nice tactile ‘click’ when seated, but occasionally takes a bit of fiddling to get into place. I opted for a full-size 4-pin XLR to accompany my Aeon 2 Noire review unit – the fabric-sheather DUMMER cable isn’t as nice to the touch as their more premium (and expensive) VIVO options but it is made reasonably well and more than fit for purpose for desktop listening, albeit with some rubbing microphonics on the front of my shirt when moving about.  

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