Classé Audio Delta Mono Amplifiers $21,998 Review

February 24, 2021 § Leave a comment

The Classé Delta Mono balanced the audible advantages of tubed and solid-state amplification better than has any other amp for south of $30,000 that I’ve reviewed. It conveyed all of the qualities of sound I love in the McIntosh MC1.25KW—e.g., the latter’s robust, punchy bass and beautifully fluid midrange—but expertly balanced them with some of what I love about the Simaudio Moon Evolution W-7M: high levels of resolution, transparency, power, focus, and unrelenting drive. And the Delta Mono is cheaper than either.

The Delta Mono fell short in the materials of which its case is made. The McIntosh MC1.25KW, with its thick faceplate of solid glass, huge backlit wattmeter, massive rack handles of solid aluminum, and elaborate case of stamped and polished stainless steel, is one of the most robust-looking amplifiers on the market. Similarly, the Moon Evolution W-7M and all its successors have 1/2″-thick faceplates, huge corner posts machined from billet, 1.5ʺ-thick heatsinks, and beautifully milled and textured top panels—all of solid aluminum. While Classé’s Delta Mono, with its 3/4″-thick wraparound front plate, may look robust, closer examination reveals thicknesses of little more than 1/8″ everywhere else on the case. But while the Delta Mono may not feel as robust or as vault-like as the others mentioned here, as one who’s lived with these amps for over three months now, I urge you not to judge a book by its cover.

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