Sonus Faber Extrema Review

February 25, 2021 § Leave a comment

Detail levels are pleasing, though outright resolution and distortion levels are areas in which advancements in drive units and cabinet designs have resulted in significant improvements since the Extremas were made. A good modern high-end speaker will simply sound cleaner and clearer, but is it more enjoyable? Now, that’s open to debate. In much the same way that many enjoy driving a classic car more than a modern equivalent, so it is here.Advertisement

We put on Bjork’s Vulnicura set and revel in the sonic textures and dynamic shading. There’s plenty of punch here, and the Extrema are more than happy to play at high volume. We enjoy the insight and effortless fluidity, not to mention their ability to make listening to music really feel like an all-enveloping experience rather than just a mere activity to pass the time. The Extrema seem to have a little bit of magic baked into their sonic DNA.

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