Wilson Audio • Chronosonic XVX Loudspeakers and Subsonic Subwoofers $329,000 Review

March 5, 2021 § Leave a comment


About the fine-tuning. As with other Wilson speakers, a step in the setup of the XVXes is measurement of the listening position, both in distance from the speakers as well as the floor. This is done to determine the correct settings for the various modules, in order to achieve exact time alignment at the listening position. But there’s also an important procedure that tailors the speakers to the amplifier with which they will be used. While previous Wilson models other than the WAMM used predetermined steps for time alignment of the drivers, the Gantry and Micrometer of the XVX allow infinite small incremental adjustments to correct not just for listening position but also the unique time smear of the partnering amplifier. Wilson Audio determines this through measurement of the amplifier, and those data are provided to the person setting up the speakers. Daryl Wilson admits that there are some similarities among the amplifiers he has measured, especially ones with similar topologies, but, as he put it, “Every manufacturer has its secret sauce.”

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