March 25, 2021 § Leave a comment

The SoundFree S20 has a lot of features for a budget IEM. Let’s start with the battery. Lypertek’s TWS lineup is praised for their battery life and SoundFree S20 is no different. It offers 8h of playback and extra 40h of juice via the case. I can’t really wrap my head around how they manage to fit a big battery inside such a compact case but it is really awesome that they achieved it. On a side note you’d think that a battery this big would increase the weight of the case yes? Actually no, it somehow does not. Great job Lypertek, much obliged. Aside from awesome battery life, the TWS comes with fast-charging capability and just 15 minutes of charge can provide you 2 hours of playback. auto pairing and auto on/off. It automatically goes into battery preservation mode when it is not being actively used. 

It also has an ambient sound mode. It is designed to make the urban life easier and lets you talk to people without removing your earphones. It can be activated by clicking the multi-purpose button 3 times consecutively. Since we are talking about the button, let me just go ahead and tell you all about it. First of all, I already stated that the placement is really good. If you follow my reviews you know that I don’t really like touch-sensitive earphones because it is so easy to misclick or random stop songs while adjusting the fit. I don’t know how many times I declined incoming calls and so on.

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