Novafidelity HA500H £2,200 Review

March 25, 2021 § Leave a comment

Unlike the other models in the range, this is a headphone amplifier/DAC lacking any kind of network connectivity, let alone the internal storage options also produced by Novafidelity. But if that makes the HA500H sound a bit bare-bones for the money, it’s anything but. This is a particularly flexible device for those committed to headphone listening, not to mention one capable of exceptional performance.

With casework and design likely to remind those with a long memory of the much-lamented Oppo HA-1 headphone amp (HFC 390), which like some very fine headphones became a victim of its parent company’s decision to withdraw from the audio market to concentrate on mobile phones, the Novafidelity offers a wide range of options for the headphone listener. For starters, it’s both a headphone amp and a DAC, and with its built-in volume control can also be used as a preamp straight into a power amplifier or even active speakers. Both unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs are available, with the HA500H also having the same choice of analogue inputs, so that it can be fed straight from a source component or the line outputs of a conventional amplifier.

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