Marantz Project T-1 Amplifier £30,000 Review

April 8, 2021 § Leave a comment

With speakers which never exploit its lower registers, like LS3/5As without a subwoofer or the old Quads, the T-1 behaves just like you’d expect of a classic tube design. Only you’re not sampling all it can offer. Still, even those of you not using speakers which operate below 80Hz would still enjoy the textures with in-your-face realism, and not just the various vocal tics which help you to distinguish Crystal Gayle from Dolly Parton.

The amp’s way with textures carries over to each and every instrument, enough to allow you to use a compilation like the tribute, Rattlesnake Guitar: The Music Of Peter Green, as a guide to different guitar models. lt also means that incredibly fine details come through without a fight, with spatial clues so vivid that you can picture the walls of Abbey Road’s Studio 2 when you play the Fab Four. And you will hear vertical images just like the Cheskys said you would. It’s a near- magical experience, restricted only by speaker sensitivity rather than frequency response, driver type or impedance. Still, it has power to burn, compared to a SET.

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