April 15, 2021 § Leave a comment

The Playmate 2 is strictly a single-ended device – those of you looking for a balanced headphone solution will need to step up to Burson’s Soloist/Conductor line. Presumably, it has been designed this way to a) keep costs down, and b) to maintain some sense of hierarchy in the Burson catalogue. Unless you own a bunch of XLR or Pentaconn-equipped headphones, you shouldn’t sweat over this as 3.5 Watts is more than enough to get most headphones singing, save perhaps the most stupidly inefficient planars – which both I and the majority of you don’t have. And if you do, you’re probably looking elsewhere anyhow. 

In addition to the two analogue outputs (the 3.5mm one also being the previously-mentioned mic input), the front panel of the Playmate 2 also includes a small infra-red receiver window for the remote, a stepped volume-pot which also acts as the navigation for input selections in the menu, and a multi-function window which displays volume level, input selection, output selection, as well as the PCM/DSD sampling rate. 

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