Doshi Audio Evolution Monoblock power amplifier Review

May 6, 2021 § Leave a comment

Back then, I was using the dCS Vivaldi DAC; because it had a volume control and its single-ended and balanced outputs sounded quite similar, I was happy to connect it to the Doshis with single-ended cabling. Since then, however, dCS’s Rossini DAC (footnote 6) has replaced the Vivaldi in my system. The Rossini, too, has a volume control and single-ended outputs, and can be connected directly to the monoblocks without a preamp in between. I’ve found, however, that feeding its output to the balanced-only D’Agostino Momentum HD preamplifier produces larger and weightier images, more and better-controlled bass, heightened color contrasts, and a greater sense of texture. So, I prefer to use the Rossini with the Momentum HD. But since the Momentum HD preamp only has balanced (XLR) connectors, I asked Doshi how I should proceed.

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