ELAC Alchemy Series DPA-2 power amplifier Review

May 22, 2021 § Leave a comment


I was. Replacing class-AB amps that cost many times more, surrounded by comparably high-end equipment, the ELAC Alchemy DPA-2 Switchable Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier delivered far more musical truth and pleasure than you might expect. Chief designer Peter Madnick has exceeded his goal “to provide the kind of real-life transparency and clarity that you would not expect at this price point, as well as an overall balance that would lead you to say, ‘Wow, that thing’s really good for the money.'” He may also have created a benchmark product for this price range—not that I’ve heard all the monoblocks that are available for under $3000/ pair. (There aren’t that many.) But if there are many other equally fine amps at this price, budget-conscious audiophiles are living in a golden age. Enthusiastically recommended

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