Sonus faber Maxima Amator Loudspeaker Review

June 12, 2021 Comments Off on Sonus faber Maxima Amator Loudspeaker Review

And that seems to be the story with these speakers: playing the McGarrigles’ Dancer With Bruised Knees [Warner 7599-25958-2] the harmonies on, for example, ‘Perrine Était Servante’ are wonderfully delicate and breathy, with great body to the accompanying instruments. The same goes for folk group The Unthanks’ ‘Hawthorn’ from their Mount The Air album [Rabble Rouser Music RRM013] where the Maxima Amators ensure these voices just hang in space in an entirely captivating manner.

Then, turning to a real demo warhorse, Antonio Forcione and Sabina Sciubba’s Meet Me In London [Naim CD021], sees the duo’s take on ‘Why Can’t We Live Together?’ revealed here as notable not only for the power and scope of the voice as for Forcione’s guitar stylings and whipcrack fretboard taps. You’d almost think it was an Italian thing!


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