June 17, 2021 § Leave a comment

Sound stage-wise the Hifiman HE-R10P scores very well in both width and depth, though the Susvara still outperforms it. For a closed headphone however this is really good and the layering and extension are really nicely done. What I am missing a bit in the R10P compared to the level of the Susvara is the note extension and decay, especially in the mid-section. Treble-wise the R10P is softer, very easygoing and more limited. It’s probably its least strong point, especially when compared to the Susvara.

As expected from a flagship headphone, the R10P also shines when it comes to PRaT, preciseness and detail rendering. You at all times get a very rich sound with excellent L/R balance and stereo imaging. From highs to lows, the R10P has a great dynamic feeling to it. The R10P produces a very clean sound, though the clarity could still be a bit improved (

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