Rotel Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier Review

June 25, 2021 § Leave a comment

The combination of great recordings and the kind of loving transcription that are the hallmark of the 2xHD project makes the music spring to life anew, and the Michi X3 has all the speed, warmth and control to make the most of it. And that held true whether with my big old PMC OB1 speakers or the smaller, faster Neat Iota Xplorer.

And if there was any doubt of the massive clean power here, a swift play of the big, magnificent LSO/Noseda recording of Shostakovich’s 9th Symphony [LSO Live LSO0828; DSD256] shows that soundstaging, agility and massive clout off to great effect. Despite the dynamic swings involved – and you can crank the volume level as high as you want – there’s no hardening of the sound or suggestion of the X3 raising a bead of sweat as it breezes through the huge musical event.

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