Rotel RA-1572MKII Integrated Amplifier-DAC $2099 Review

June 30, 2021 Comments Off on Rotel RA-1572MKII Integrated Amplifier-DAC $2099 Review

When I was a budding audiophile, Rotel was one of the first brands I became aware of. The fun I had using their RA-1572MKII integrated-DAC reminded me of why I got into audio all those years ago. It provides a huge amount of sound quality at a price within reach of the serious but budget-conscious enthusiast. It lacks the streaming and/or DSP and/or room correction of some of the costlier integrateds I’ve recently reviewed, but at this price you have to make some choices. What it offers is excellent sound, a high-resolution DAC that supports MQA, a good MM phono input, and a good headphone amp—all features that many audiophiles will appreciate. For only $2099, the high-powered Rotel RA-1572MKII offers one of today’s best combinations of price and performance in an integrated amplifier-DAC.


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