KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speakers Review

July 9, 2021 Comments Off on KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speakers Review

The Q950’s fleshes out the warm tones of Bonnie Raitt’s “Nick of Time”. This quality stays present whether amplified by tubes, solid state, or class D amplification. On the Q950’s, tubes sprinkle an extra bit of midrange magic, solid-state maintains excellent grip over bass frequencies, and class D detailed articulation. Pairing the Q950’s with the Peachtree nova150 provides enjoyable listening and makes for a fine starting point for a system.

Switching over to the jazz of Dave Grusin, the Q950’s dual ABR passive radiators in unison with the LF driver recreate the jabs of funky electric bass-led music in “Punta Del Soul”. The impact of this closed design places the entire Migration album in regular rotation during the review. Delving into the second and third tracks “Southwest Passage” and ‘First-Time Love”, the smooth decay of top piano keys and the natural tight ring of the triangle demonstrates the engineering and quality of the Uni-Q design.


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