Sonus faber Maxima Amator Loudspeaker

July 11, 2021 § Leave a comment

 it helps to avoid the creation of standing waves inside the enclosure by adding a non-parallel wall; on the other, it prevents the solid slabs of wood from moving too much in relation to temperature and humidity changes. Wood is a living material, and the long lateral slabs creating the speaker’s side panels would be, in theory, exposed to the chance of moving if left completely free. Such a design was always in the mind of our founder…but the technology available 30 years ago wouldn’t allow it without the risk of cracking over time. It’s thanks to this construction, to today’s improved solid wood drying techniques, and to advanced compound technologies for producing special glues with a lot of flexibility that we were finally able to turn this old dream into reality.”

The crossover is something new, a configuration developed to more fully exploit the potential advantages of a two-way design that Sonus faber has named “Interactive Fusion Filtering.” The crossover has an accelerated progressive topology, the slope becoming steeper as the frequency moves away from the crossover point. This is an approach that Sonus faber has long utilized. But the Maxima Amator also employs what Tezzon refers to as a “forgotten path in crossover design”—the tweeter and mid/woofer are connected in series, rather than in parallel circuits. “Each driver’s moving coil becomes part of the filtering circuit of the other driver. This potentially leads to a better sonic merging. The Maxima is conceived as a glorification of the two-way design…the two drivers are able to work in a maximally interconnected and organic way.

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