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Of course, the SabrinaX has its limitations, but they are not a concern in reality. Hear me out… no, the SabrinaX doesn’t have the bass depth or gut-wrenching dynamic range of far larger loudspeakers. Wilson Audio is not trying to break the laws of physics as they apply to acoustics and loudspeaker design. But, where the SabrinaX has its lower bass limits, and its dynamic headroom ceiling are neatly just within the limits of the dynamic constraints of smaller rooms. If you try to put a loudspeaker that delivers a sub-30Hz bass at full level in a smaller room, you’ll spend much of your time trying to control that bass. By way of contrast, the Wilson SabrinaX puts just enough energy into such rooms as to make the sound appear deep and powerful and more dynamic than you would want to stand… without the bass booming away from the corners. No, Wilson isn’t the first company to do this, and the SabrinaX isn’t even the first Wilson speaker to do this kind of presentation, but it just does it so well, it’s as if the speaker had been designed specifically for your room.

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