VPI Avenger Reference turntable Review

July 19, 2021 § Leave a comment


If I played these files for you, you’d hear the differences, all at what might be defined as at the margins of audibility of, among other things, transparency, spatial definition, background “blackness,” and low-frequency extension and resolution. At the margins, yes, but add them all together, and the cumulative difference was significant and dramatic.

I think the biggest differences were produced more by the tonearms than by the turntables. What that really tells you is how well the Avenger Reference turntable performs, and how effective the new ADS motor controller is. Between these two arms, the one costing more than twice the price of the Avenger Reference with arm is simply in a league of its own—and I know of at least one owner of a Avenger Reference with SAT LM-09 who agrees.

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