August 1, 2021 Comments Off on AURALIC VEGA G2.1 STREAMING DAC REVIEW

The depth of information that the VEGA G2.1 can pull out of a signal is remarkable. It really delivers the full picture to the extent that it’s hard to imagine how things could be much better. The noise floor is clearly way, way down because everything is so clear and easy to understand, it makes more affordable DACs sound positively flat. Remember that I was still using the onboard volume control at this stage, such things are usually a serious limiting factor with DACs. The space it allows for each instrument or voice to express itself is quite inspiring, you get the full intensity and power of drums alongside the nuances of voice and other quieter sources. Switching to a high-end preamplifier and using a fixed output did introduce a level of ease and flow to the sound, but in fairness this was the Townshend Allegri Reference, which has become my go-to product for ‘ease’ and ‘flow


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