Accuphase DG-68 Digital Voicing Equalizer Review

August 7, 2021 Comments Off on Accuphase DG-68 Digital Voicing Equalizer Review

Each time I altered room treatments, or cabling, or power treatment, or equipment supports, or component resonance damping, I created new “Smooth” and “Flat” curves with the DG-68, turning VC/EQ on and off and listening intently. Over the same period, I also changed optical (internet) cabling and upgraded optical-to-electrical converters and SFP (small–form-factor pluggable; don’t ask) modules. In due time, I created and implemented 18 different “smooth” and “flat” VC/EQ curves.

Under ordinary circumstances, making changes to my reference setup during the course of a review would be verboten. But in the context of a Digital Voicing Equalizer review, each change provided a new opportunity to evaluate the DG-68’s efficacy. While the journey was more stressful than fun, it led me closer to Oz. In nonmythological terms, as I made successful changes, the system sound with the Accuphase bypassed got progressively closer to sound with the unit activated. The room itself was doing more of the heavy lifting, and the Accuphase was proving itself a useful tool.


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