ampsandsound Rockwell Amplifier Review

August 10, 2021 Comments Off on ampsandsound Rockwell Amplifier Review

Switching gears to the Mountain Goat’s Jordan Lake Sessions, the acoustic and vocal heavy music really showed off the mid-range strength of the Rockwell. To be clear the Rockwell is not a one trick amp, it sounds awesome with dance, jazz, rock, classic rock, electronic, and modern pop. But, there is something special about its presentation with acoustic and vocal heavy music. This is not a surprise, DHTs are known for this, the thing that is incredible though is that Weber has created a DHT that performs universally well. Coming back to the Mountain Goat’s, when listening to “This Year” you can hear the emotional toll that this past year has taken on the band. The Rockwell provides this tight emotional coupling that once heard, is hard to forget.


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