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The M33’s Dirac Live is a sort of “Lite” version that measures and corrects only up to 500 Hz, which nonetheless covers most of the heavy lifting that any such system can offer. (Above the “transition frequency” where room modes cease to exert much influence— typically a few hundred Hz—equalization becomes much more of a crap- shoot that’s highly dependent on speaker radiation patterns, placement, and room surfaces and furnishings.) M33 owners can upgrade to full-bandwidth Dirac Live Full Frequency for an up-charge of $99 via a card supplied with the unit.

I ran the M33’s Dirac using the supplied “puck” micro- phone, conveniently via my iPad Mini 5 and Dirac’s relatively new iOS app, with no difficulty. It’s an elegant system, but since Dirac has been amply covered in these pages by myself and others I will not rehearse the process here fully, other than to point out that the M33’s iteration permits storage and recall of up to five different correction “runs,” for different speakers, placements, or seating positions. My measurement run for a single-listener setup required nine mic positions in concentric rings around the primary seating area, with the whole process taking 15 minutes. Unlike most receiver-bound correction systems, Dirac Live permits the user to adjust the target curve, shaping response to the listener’s room, speakers, or preference, though—unless one upgrades to Full Frequency—only over the bottom four-plus octaves

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