Göbel Audio • Divin Noblesse Loudspeakers $220,000 Review

August 29, 2021 Comments Off on Göbel Audio • Divin Noblesse Loudspeakers $220,000 Review


Along with that low-frequency speed and definition come transparency and dimensionality. Anybody who has worked with positioning their own speakers will know what that means. Bringing clarity to the bottom end automatically declutters the midbass, midrange and on up. I differentiate midbass in this instance because that’s the range that imbues music with so much of its drive and energy, life and vitality. Gaining that clarity at source (as it were) even before you work with room placement is fundamental to the Divin Noblesse’s overall sound, its lucid presentation and coherent sense of musical energy and presence. You’ll often hear speakers described as well integrated or contiguous, seamless or even-handed, but in the case of the Göbels that goes well beyond the absence of tonal discontinuities and deep into the realm of musical energy and projection. The same substance that imbues Michael Kiwanuka’s kick drum with such solid impact applies right up the range, whether it’s cello, a pianist’s right hand, violin or bells. There’s no wispiness or thinness at the top, no pared-away or etched quality to the midrange 


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