PSB Synchrony T600 Loudspeaker Review

September 15, 2021 Comments Off on PSB Synchrony T600 Loudspeaker Review

I suspect this is because the speaker, which has a 4 ohms minimum impedance rating, presents a relatively challenging load to an amplifier. I also heard a trace of overload in the right channel on a few challenging cuts. But this was barely audible and never alarming, and it may have resulted from less than earth-shattering power of the Denon AVR, which is rated at 140Wpc into 8 ohms, two channels driven. There was also the matter of the right speaker’s physical location: While the left speaker in my setup sits about 4 feet from the wall, the right one adjoins a fully open kitchen and dining area, a room-related factor that makes its job more challenging.

Adding a pair of SVS PB-3000 subwoofers to the PSBs and crossing them over at 80Hz (both high- and low-pass filtered) extended the bass in my room with specific, highly challenging material. But the improvements weren’t always dramatic. Organ went deeper, with that quietly played 16Hz pedal note in the Saint-Saëns symphony mentioned above now just barely sensed. Drums were more powerful withthe subwoofers connected though minor reductions to the Denon’s Bass control and/ or the subwoofer level were necessary to keep the result from sounding overcooked.


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