AGD Gran Vivace Monoblock Amplifier Review

September 19, 2021 § Leave a comment

My only concern is the vulnerability of the GaNTube, exposed and waiting to be smashed or knocked over. I would ask AGD to fashion a cage as per the smaller AGD Audion, but obviously more in keeping with the Gran Vivace’s modern look, rather than the Audion’s ‘steam punk’ plumage.

Most listening was undertaken sans preamp, as I’m currently fixated on sources with output controls, eg, most tape decks, phono stages for LP-only systems, etc. And why not? It eliminates all that circuitry, a set of interconnects and shortens the path; the only sacrifice is extra inputs. As the Gran Vivace has two selectable inputs, I fed the Otari MX5050 directly via XLRs, and used the single-ended input for other sources. Also, the partnering Andante preamplifier never made it past PM‘s lab tests, it proving faulty and was rejected.


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