Mark Levinson № 5105 Turntable Review

September 21, 2021 § Leave a comment

A parallel experience came right after with the 2M Blue. This needle belts out clean-cut sound, no nonsense openness in dynamics. This time I wanted different instruments that could test the soundstage. Beirut’s The Flying Club Cup made an appearance with its folk-like rhythms and tempo. The carnivalesque atmosphere was engaging and the euphonium, big brass section and accordions filled my room with sounds that helped me recollect the glowing lights of fairs I used to visit as a child. That feeling of innocence and unrelenting fun of childhood is rare, but the 5105 was salient in inspiring it. Why? I think it’s because when I let the needle go, I didn’t worry at all, I could focus on the sound and imaging—letting go was easy. Next was Mingus at Carnegie Hall new Deluxe Ed, which was so good I had to listen to all three LPs in one sitting. The talent Mingus brought with him for this concert was unfair. The 5105 delivered the goods with the Ortofon Blue.

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